2017 Vendors Vendor Application

ABC of Life Skills

Astrology Charts

Soul Connection

Hand made jewelry with healing crystals, it is my passion to share my crystal creations with everyone who is interested. I want to show people how they can use them to connect with their higher self and also stay grounded to the Earth's healing energy



Swiss formulated products. Over 1000 chemicals removed from our products. Vegan and gluten free health and wellness, from the inside out.

ME Mushrooms (Mutha Earth)


Organic product made of both mushrooms fruiting bodies & their mycelium. Will be served in packaged bags & available to put into drinks we will be offering - coffee or smoothie option. We are a product that encourages one to heal and grow from within, nourishing the body with what it needs nutritionally so people can live more balanced, healthy, fulfilling lives. We encourage self love through how one eats as a form of personal empowerment.

Qi Gong with Deanna Reis & Tammy Lagasse - Young Living Essential Oils


Deanna will be promoting the health benefits of learning / practicing Qi Gong. Qi Gong is a moving meditation, often referred to as active relaxation exercise; as the body moves the mind remains still, creating a sense of balance, strength and flexibility. Deep breathing combined with simple, gentle movements to enhance the flow of your energy and bring you back into balanced optimal health. Having balanced, smoothly-flowing energy is the key to experiencing and maintaining wellness. Qi Gong increases the internal energy of the individual practicing Qi Gong, enabling them to become healthy emotionally balanced and spiritually connected. Creates inner balance and harmony that leads to healthy longevity and a deep sense of purpose in life. Young Living Essential Oils: Tammy Lagasse will be offering a display of essential oils, diffusers and providing information about the use of essential oils, Tammy will have a small selection of products for sale. From Young Living Website: "Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing. Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature's pure essence."

Made For You With Love Krista Lynn


I use only semi precious stones, woods and lava with the intention to be used to heal physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. I create mala necklaces to be used in chanting meditation. Prior and after each market all of my pieces are smudged with sage or palo santo, while loka or ganesha chant is playing in the background. Each piece, right down to the marking of the price tag is completed in only the best of energies.

Asani Healing


I offer an eclectic combination of modalities learned and practiced for 26 years. Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Crystal Healing and Traditional Native Healing. I teach workshops and facilitate retreats in Southern Alberta. I also have been working with Essential Oils and creating blends since '94.

Angel-Lite Connections

Angel reading, Jewellery, CDs

Awakening Possibilities

Access Consciousness Bars

TLC Farms

We are a farm that raises their animals naturally. Those products are used to create our meals, catering etc. We provide meals that are gluten free and milk product free.

Pyrite Dream Jewelry

I create jewelry with healing stones. Allowing people to wear their crystals for their healing properties and benefits :) I think I would be great at heal the hat because I am passionate about crystals and their energies as well as the importance of meditation and all healing practices.

Empowered Earth Wellness Solutions & Conscious Creations

As a Natural Health Care Practitioner, I offer personalized bodywork treatments, natal astrology/life manual books, handmade empowering personalized adornments, graciously utilizing gifts from Mother Earth, as Life-enhancing offerings for individuals.

Divine Guidance Empowering You!


Our mission is to assist others in recognizing, developing and using their intuitive abilities to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their being so that they may experience happiness, fulfillment and value in living. Our motto is “in loving service for the highest good of all!” Our services and products reflect this intent.

Priestess Portraits


I teach Intentional Creativity™ which is a method of playing with colour and form as a way of deepening our soul connection. This soul connection allows us a more authentic way of being leading us to our true purpose.

ArchAngel Connection


Everything we do is about Raising Your Vibration. ArchAngels and metaphysics is what we discuss and offer. I have been asked about your event before as I do the New Earth Expo and Body, Soul, Spirit expos along with other smaller events. I work with 22 archangels and offer a number of products (my book, stones, energetic Art pieces,etc.) as well as short Angelic Connection Sessions or Angelic Energy Healing at shows.

Creativity Connections LTD


Offering healing services in distance and in person session. Light force energy healing, clearings and vibrational healing. Additional essential oil products for conscious living as well as supporting the healing process.

Sandra Lee


I host Law of Attraction workshops and teach people how they're creating and attracting what’s going on in their lives. I teach them how they can create more of what they want and stop struggling. The best part is that attendees are having great results.

Valentus - EnergyToBurn


We have health and wellness functional beverages. A coffee that helps you lose weight. And Energy drink to natural raise your energy levels. A drink to help raise boost your immune systems. And a drink that help to stop the cravings for the munchies.

Heel & Sole Reflexology

I am a reflexologist that would like to proomote her business doing sample treatments of my trade.

Nirvana 101


Tourism Booth, Aura Photos and Metaphysical Products

Energies of Spirit

Angel Card Reader, Energy Healing (Angel, Crystal, Reiki)

HEELERZ Gemstones


Quality Handmade gemstone products and aromatherapy for pets, horses and their people. We carry 15 amazing gemstones and organize them into collections for the body, mind, spirit and comfort.

Nerium International

Anti-aging products for the face, body & mind

The Soul Sanctuary


We are an Alternative/Wellness center. We work through healing the Mind, Body and Soul We sell all healing products that we use in our practice for Energy healing and connecting to the Soul Crystals, Oils, Homeopathic products, Spiritual Products, Herbs, Smudging supplies etc

Sekhmet Lotions and Potions

I offer natural beauty products, essential oil diffusers, salt lamps and YL oils

Light on Light


LED Light Therapy is simple to use, non-invasive, with a long-standing history of therapeutic benefits. Light Therapy, in the form of LED Light, combines ancient wisdom with the best of today's technology. Light therapy assists the body in it's own natural healing process.

Made4Me Naturally


Natural Gluten Free products for the entire family including luxury body and bath as well as Farmer Johns Organic Herbs, Teas, baking mixes and Spices

Katrina Psychic-Medium


Katrina is an International Psychic-Medium. As a psychic, Katrina connects with God, Universe, Guides & Angels. As a medium she connects with loved ones that have crossed over, that present themselves... She has enhanced her craft by studing at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England. Katrina has been a Reiki Master Teacher for over 25 years. She is a Spiritual Guide, Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, who helps people to step into their own Divine power. To gain more tools for her tool box, Katrina has just undertaken her Ministerial Bachelors Degree with the U of Metaphysics in Sedona, USA and is presently working on her Masters Degree and is writing a book about the Spirits. Katrina has spent her life being in service in many different ways. She served her country as a soldier for 35 years. She has worked with and shared the Universal Love Energy for many lifetimes. Her life's work is to hold Sacred Space for those that want to empower and heal themselves.

Mystic & Magick by Rogue Thorne


I am an intuitive reader of the (soul-path) in your Life ... my intention of offering is for you to see the "bigger picture"..and feel good about thy-self! Prediction is easy!...anyone can do this but to know thy-self ...that is the real challenge! guru-me ...


I sell environmentally friendly cleaning products...liquids and cleaning cloths...etc

Soul Journey

Rocks and crystals

Dreamweaver Magic

our business offers tools to help support the inner healing process through art ,holy fire reiki and native earth medicine such as drums , rattles , dreamcatchers. Crystals .

Ohm Yoga and Aquatic Elevation


We offer meditation through yoga and float therapy. Both offer many benefits to the physical being as well as for the spiritual and emotional being .

Axs Images


Boutique featuring natural health items. We sell Bee By the sea all natural shampoo, conditioner and lotion, himalayan salt lamps and edible, rocks and gems, incense, smudging and more

Basic Mobility and Massage


I promote health thru proper movement and stretching. As an RMT and Fascial Stretch Therapist I teach people how to move better so they can do more in their daily life with little to no pain.

Pharmanex/Nu Skin


I am a business owner partnered with Nu Skin/Pharmanex. I am primarily focused on health and wellness through use of our biophotonic scanner (the most accurate and non-invasive test of antioxidant levels); it was developed based on Nobel prize winning technology. This is a number that anyone focused in their health deserves to know. Additionally, our targeted products are naturally derived and based on clinical studies, including our gene expression technology (featured on the Discovery Channel). This is an opportunity for people to understand how they can naturally halt and reverse the aging process. I'd love to be there!

The brilliant baby bump


I sell pelvic health products to heal your pelvic floor before and after childbirth. It can Prevent tearing, organ prolapse, and incontinence. I also sell feelosophy pregnancy journals that empowers women to take ownerships of their births-a journey into self discovery

Amber Sage Healing

Crystal Bowl healing and Hands on healing Intuitive reading and Channeled Messages from Divine Hand wrapped crystal Pendents

The Travel Agent Next Door


I will be promoting yoga retreats and wellness travel trips

Thrive Life


Thrive Life freeze dried foods are as close to their natural state as possible and often only contain one ingredient - no preservatives, no additional processing. They are an easy, convenient, and quick way to use natural foods to fuel our bodies. The natural taste and nutrition of our foods are preserved during the freeze drying process. While fresh foods start losing flavour and nutrients the moment they're picked. Thrive Life food stays healthy and fresh tasting for years to come and more nutritious than most of the produce in our grocery stores.

Alternative Farming Solutions inc.


Sustaining our food supply for future generations. Growing local produce and aquaculture naturally all year round - Always in Season.

Ascending Energies Healing & Hypnotherapy

Emery is an Intuitive Reader who I will be offering intuitive readings and sample Pranic Energy Healing sessions. Stuart will be there to share info on his Clinical Hypnotherapy services, Past Life Regressions, Surrogate Hypnotherapy services. A few products will be for sale, related to healing/energy/metaphysics

Lightning in my Hand Orgone


As the Earth and all its inhabitants are moving through the ascension process, clearing out heavy, dense and stagnant energy is essential. Human beings are natural energy filters and in our natural state we can easily handle all that Life sends us. However due to our conditioning, beliefs and many of our physical creations (WIFI, certain electromagnetic frequencies) the natural flow of energies can become restricted resulting in feelings of heaviness and stagnation. This is where orgone art can help. Basic orgone art is a combination of two materials, resin and metal. The resin is at its base an organic compound which naturally pulls energy towards it. We can see this happening in nature as organic life is always in a state of transformation and growth which requires a constant flow of energy. Metal is an inorganic compound which simultaneously pulls energy towards it and pushes it away. It's in the best interest of everyone if metal transforms very little on its own to maintain structural integrity. The combination of these two materials in one unit create a vibrating effect on the immediate surrounding area. This vibrating effect gently breaks up stagnation helping to restore the natural flow of Life. Crystals are added into the mixture not only for their amazing beauty but also for the healing aspects that they bring with their presence.

Glenda's twisted creations


I make tree of life Sun catchers with love. Twisted wire with genuine crystals

Prairie Serenity Holistic Healing


Usui Holy Fire II Master , Metaphysical Practitioner, Theta Healer, Trance Healer, Colour and SoundHealing Wellness Products

Hemp Highness


Hemp Highness sells Hemp products for the bath & body, hemp oils, hemp hearts, hemp oil capsules, even a product called Hempetz, for the furry ones in our lives. Hemp Highness would be a good fit for Heal the Hat, hemp is very good for us and healthy.

Rainbow Healing Garden


I share the knowledge to heal yourself, Holy Fire 11 Karuna Reiki Master & Class facilitator Touchpoint Reflexologist promoting whole foods Juice Plus and Young Living oils