2020 Vendors Vendor Application

Goodlife Fitness


By including fitness in their lives they will live longer, have better quality of life, better sleep, confidence, strength and so much more! the gym builds community and a sense of camaraderie!

Fresh Life Health Coach

I coach people to their goals. I help them become more mindful in the way they do all things. When we can change the way we look at things the things we look at change. Our struggles are our opportunity for more self love and self compassion so that we can life our Fresh Life filled with Joy!


The purpose of my business is to help people feel empowered to find their passion , to use products that are not harmful for themselves or our environment. & to share a community of positivity & caring for others.


To educate people about our Products ALL NATURAL - NO THC ... giving people a choice and knowledge that will give them hope and healing ... HEMPWORX CBD OIL - derived from Hemp


Neurological socks & insoles. Wearable neurotech

Emery Christie

My business and purpose is focussed on healing on every level, starting with what is at the core of a person that needs to be acknowledged. Through my readings, healing sessions, workshops and events, I acknowledge the energy of each person I work with, recognizing what each one holds in their aura and chakras. I translate observations of their emotional, mental, physical pains and traumas to offer insight, guidance, and messages of healing to those who seek it, guiding them to new ways of releasing, healing, living and thriving.

Practical Kinesiology

Practical Kinesiology

Nirvana 101


We are a Wellness Sanctuary that offers alternative health, workshops/classes and an assortment of life enhancing gifts in our store.



Norwex helps to create safe havens by reducing our reliance on chemical cleaners and products.

Soul Connection's

I've been making crystal jewelry since 2016. That's the year I bought my first crystal. I started learning about their amazing healing properties, and how they can connect with our vibrational frequencies on such a deep level. I made necklaces because I wanted my personal Crystals close to me, then everyone in my life wanted one as well, and my little business manifested and evolved from there!

Doterra Essential oils

Doterra Essential Oils support the body with detoxing emotionally and physically. They help release emotional wounds and stuck energy. Connecting us to Mother Earth. They bring us to Joy

Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom


My goal is to help people live a happy, healthy and creative life by teaching them art techniques to express their life stories in visual journals. Visual journaling involves using art and writing together. It is a therapeutic, safe and creative way to let go of feelings, thoughts and ideas that are keeping us from being healthy. It has personally helped me in coping with grief, dealing with job dissatisfaction, depression and has assisted me with problem solving, goal setting, and celebrating the positive things in life.

Mutha Earth


Our products + coaching support optimal health which allows individuals to show up in the world the way they desire. When our products and services are used regularly it has the ability to improve cognitive function & through that open up creative expression. Food itself is an art & a great way to design the body

Wicked Rose Kombucha


Wicked Rose is focused on sharing the importance of beneficial pro-biotics for gut health as well as creating a unique and delicious product that is in line with our values and benefits our community.

Jackie DeBlasio


Creativity forms a bridge between us and our soul creating new pathways of wisdom to emerge supporting us in healing and guidance for all areas of our life.

Sipology by Steeped Tea


This company embodies a mission of helping people. Our founder is very passionate and donates some of the profits to both the Children’s Help phone, and the Mental Health Crisis Line. Our products range from tea to hot chocolate, salad dressing mixes to scones and the tools required.