2018 Vendors Vendor Application

Redfern Ent Ltd


We offer massagers

Redfern Ent Ltd


We rep air purifiers

Metamorphic Spirit


I offer healing crystals and wire wrap jewellery and gemstone trees designed for improving the health of the body, mind and spirit. I also offer oracle card readings, soul coaching and teach classes on connecting with spiritual energies, healing jewellery creation and various other topics in the Medicine Hat and Brooks area. I combine my knowledge from my masters of psychology of culture degree, my 15 years of teaching and my passion for stones and crystals as well as my passion for helping others find their passions in life to create the services that I offer.

Noji Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre


We believe that our bodies heal from the inside out. NUCCA Chiropractic eliminates subluxation in our body to allow it to function normally and obtain optimal health.


Pruvit is the first company to bring pure theraputic exogenous ketones that put your body into Ketosis in less than 59 minutes

Joseph Poirier ~ Healer


I am a Healer that uses divining rods to heal people. I can fix almost every kind of physical pain & health issue including emotional and spiritual pain. As well, I can Identify, remove & release all negative energies (Entities); property clearing & cleansing; removal of spirits; identify Curry lines in your house & on your land… and more! I also do remote healings by telephone on a daily basis. I believe my business and natural healing ability would be a good fit for your event. I have always wanted to go to Medicine Hat, do some healing and meet some other healers and residents who are involved with this event.

Homestyle Pies

We sell healthy savoury and sweet pies - no lard, non GMO flour and sugar, lots of certified organic vegetables, fresh fruit. We also make gluten free and vegetarian. We also sell Immunotec products, which boost the immune system. Immunocal is globally recognized and clinical tested and approved by Health Canada and other countries. A phenomenal product with phenomenal results.

SpiraVeg Foods West Ltd.


SpiraVeg is a Calgary company, locally growing fresh Spirulina. SpiraVeg fresh Spirulina is a great whole food. SpiraVeg Spirulina is superior to other Spirulina product on the market. - highest quality - Odorless and Tasteless - 100% bioavailability - Easy and convenient to use With 65 bio-active nutrients, SpiraVeg Spirulina can help in many ways: boost energy, reduce inflammation, boost immune system, anti-aging, etc.