Saturday October 19th

Setting The Foundations For Success
October 19th, 10:15 AM

"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step"...and your first breath! Recognizing where our limitations are, takes a willingness to sit back into our body and be brave enough to relax. With all the stimulus, distractions and stories we may experience, we create a story about our self and body that may have served to protect and shut down, as opposed to trust and truly come alive. The first time we took a deep breath was the first imprint into this world that began setting up cellular memory, habits, patterns, reactions and actions based on survival. What you may have lost along the way, is your instinctual trust for life itself...a life that can be infinitely In-Joy-able. This is YOUR time to begin again, building your most inspired life from the inside out! Rooting Down to begin your Rise Up and out into the world!

For the Love of Art

October 19th, 11:30 AM

The Water element represents the realm of deep emotion and feeling responses, ranging from compulsive passions to overwhelming fears to all-encompassing acceptance and love of creation. It is this love of creation that will be the focus of the workshop. When engaging in a creative activity, all too often, the individual looks at the final product to determine its value. In this workshop we are going to focus on the process of creating not the end product. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to exercise their “creativity” muscle through a variety of expressive activities. Since this will be an interactive workshop format, come prepared to have play, have fun and engage your creative genius. Please bring a box of Crayola crayons or your favorite coloring utensils to the workshop. All other supplies will be included in the workshop fees.

Fire Through Your Limitations

October 19th, 2:30 PM

The Element of Fire is fast, strong, and full of forward momentum. Fire can be passionate, and relentless, powerful, and engulfing. Tapping into our inner fire, we can launch forward with outgoing tenacity, when harnessed, this can be a great personal resource. This workshop will be a Fast & Furious explosion of principle proven processes, to kick-start your inner flame.

Getting to the He-Art of Relationship

October 19th, 4:30 PM

The air element is about our thoughts! Even more so, it’s about the exchange of ideas and for that, our divine experience allows us to create with others. In this reflective and interactive class, you’ll go through: Identifying relationship values Communicating with clarity TEAM mentality Boundaries Love languages Bring your self-awareness and the love that you are to all those around you!